If You Are Not Paying a Subscription, We Want A Word !

Not Paying a Subscription ? - here's a letter from the Secretary, Simon Campbell I write to you as a regular-ish player for the club over a number of years, but as someone who isn't currently a member by virtue of paying an annual membership fee.  I would invite you to


Who wants to tour to Yorkshire this July?  Jack Bramwell has teamed up with Barry Aitken to organise this season's tour, with 4 matches on the card.  Simon Campbell has already said he will be there for some of the tour, Sam Palmer is 'very interested' and we hope others

Queries vs King’s School Bruton

Last season the Queries won by 28 runs, with Jack Bramwell spearheading the attack with a fine start-of-season 52 and then Chris Downham's 4 for 19 in 10.1 overs was the match winner. This season, Nick has picked a Queries All Stars XI - Jake Bunday, Chris Downham, Will Dawe,


Please read this article carefully - http://www.ecb.co.uk/information/ecb-and-pca-guidance-head-protectorshelmets  - and see the Q&A below. What will these changes mean to Under 18s? Under current rules for under 18s, batsmen and wicketkeepers standing up to the stumps must wear a head protector.  This rule will continue to apply but it is now strongly recommended that all Under 18s


The Wiltshire Queries Cricket Club has adopted the policy that "membership will be open to all, irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, social status and sexual orientation".