Coming Second to the Bishop’s Cannings

This was an inaugural match for the Queries for which both teams were 'oversubscribed' demonstrating how keen people are to play in these exceptional times. Queries won the toss and inserted their hosts, making a very promising start as skipper Rupert Bagnall bowled one opener in the 3rd over, and

A Wet End to a Promising Match

Playing the Gunners at Larkhill can often seem a daunting challenge to new or younger Queries. The Gunners travel from all over for this match, and today was no exception with some of their players travelling from Newcastle!  As they are preparing for their major fixture against the Royal Engineers

An 8th Century for Tom Shaw

7 years of century-less Query cricket was put right yesterday as Tom Shaw hit 133 in the match against The Frogs CC at the Tidworth Ground. The last time Tom "got the ton" was in 2013 when he scored 138 against The Grannies CC at Devizes. Yesterday's achievement was Tom's 8th